Tasty Fish Marketing Podcast Episode 2 – Let’s Go Fishing

We’ve made it past episode 1!

Today, David and Seth address a topic that needs to be discussed before diving deeper into the podcasts. Why do you need marketing? What exactly is marketing?

I guess we should start out with how we each define marketing is and why it matters to your business. We’re going to do our best to keep it to 30 minutes, because both of us could talk about this topic forever!

  • David explains what marketing is. Holistic view
    • Big picture…use fishing analogy
    • Who needs it…small businesses and large businesses?
    • Why is it so important…Planning purposes, goal setting/metrics, staying in-touch with your current and targeted customers
      • What else do they want/need?
      • Are you still interested in continuing to engage with them?
    • Is marketing and sales the same thing?
  • Seth explains how digital impacts traditional marketing and what it entails
    • Big picture
    • Who needs it
    • Why
  • Why is digital marketing so hard to understand?
  • How does digital marketing help the bottom line?

Tasty Fish Marketing Podcast Episode 1 – Hello World

Hello! Welcome to the inaugural episode of the Tasty Fish Marketing Podcast. A podcast about all things marketing from people who live it. I’m Seth Goldstein of Goldstein Media, with me is my co-host David Birnbaum of Birnbaum Consulting.

This being our first episode, so we figured we’d cover the basics:

  1. How we got into marketing.
  2. What we want to do with the podcast.
  3. Our goals for you, our audience.
  4. What it’s like running independent firms vs. working for larger firms. We’ve done both.
  5. Some topics and ideas we want to discuss on the show.
  6. What to expect from the podcast and Seth and David.

That’s our show. The first episode is in the bag. You can find David online at BirnbaumConsulting.com and you can find Seth online at GoldsteinMedia.com.

We want to hear from you. Email us at podcast@tastyfishmarketing.com! Also be sure to subscribe as well, go to TastyFishMarketing.com.