Hey everyone and welcome to the Marketing Forward Podcast. I’m Seth Goldstein with Goldstein Media…and I’m David Birnbaum with Tasty Fish Marketing. Thank you so much for tuning it.

Well it’s been a while. Thanks to all of you who have stuck with us and welcome to our new listeners.

On this episode, we welcome Joe Monzo of Monzo Media Productions.

  • Background on Joe Monzo
  • Topics for show:
    • Video for business and how to use it to grow your brand.
    • How are businesses typically introduced to video.
    • Different types of videos
      • Which ones to do on your own and which ones to get professionally done.
      • Where to release the videos and how to go about it the right way.
    • What are some of the best uses of video
      • Which formats work best for video (i.e., website, facebook, etc.).
      • What are some reasons some people still resist using video.
    • The importance of knowing your strategy and audience for better results

Well that’s our show folks.

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